Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Forgotten

The Forgotten

“Things will usually get worse before they can get better. But when they do, remember who put you down, and who helped you up.”

The Forgotten

People said that we could easily forget someone especially when you know that person is no longer cling or being with you all this while. People said its memories that we have created with that particular person that makes us unable to forget that someone. Yes, that person must be special enough for you. Yet, you hold on tight all the memories that you have been through with that person directly or indirectly. All these make sense to us as a human being.
BUT.. Do we ever think that we keep hold on too much to a particular person or people and leave somebody else behind? We might not think so as they are the forgotten.
Why do I said so? In the context of pleasuring Allah as the only God, we tend to do the ibadah on our own in order to gain as much pahala as we could. But think, have we ever invite any of our friends to join us to do the same ibadah as we did? For example, do we ever take or ask our friends to go with us for solat berjemaah in the mosque? Or ever tell them to join for listening to any talks about Islam? Or even greet them whenever they passed by? Think. Reflect.
As Allah said in the Qur’an, surah Ali-’Imran, verse 104 (the translation) which is :
“Dan hendaklah ada di antara kamu satu puak yang menyeru (berdakwah) kepada kebajikan (mengembangkan Islam), dan menyuruh berbuat segala perkara yang baik, serta melarang daripada segala yang salah (buruk dan keji). Dan mereka yang bersifat demikian ialah orang-orang yang berjaya.”
Its in us. The desire to help each other to Allah’s heaven is right in front of us. We might not see the benefits now but do not take it for granted even if you just make a do’a for your friends. It seems hard to tell someone (especially our friends) about something good because we might feel like we possibly offended them or that friends would say that we are so called good person. Well, well, well.
Do you know that if you leave something good for the sake of a person instead of Allah could leads you to syirik? Na’uzubillahiminzalik. If you want to make a change in yourself such as go for solat berjemaah at the mosque or covering your aurah, do it for the sake of Allah. Its not that when you change to someone better, it will close the chances to keep the friendship or relationship with your peers. No! Never! Be open-minded, friends!



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